How can help with your used car search

Your second child is due in less than a month and you know that the car that you are driving now is not going to be big enough for your family. You and your spouse talk about it and finally agree that it is time to buy another family car. You both agree that you cannot afford a brand new one, so you discuss the different options on going about buying a used car. Your husband wants to drive from car lot to car lot test driving cars, and you do not. Doing this mean taking you first child and both of you getting in and out of cars all day.

Shopping for a used car can be stressful and a hassle. The internet can make it easier, and here is how. The place that many have started their journey is Edmonds.

Once you have logged online, type into your address bar. The best feature of Edmonds is a section where you can research a large number of customer reviews that is specific certain make, model, and year. At the top of the “Home” page you will see a link at reads “Car Research”.  Once this link is clicked a large blue area will open up. Click on the “Car Reviews” link within that blue area. This will lead to the “Car Reviews” and “Road Tests” page. To find reviews on used cars click on the “Reviews” link in the right side of the horizontal list of links. Here you will be given the option to either write a new review or read reviews that already have been posted. You can find several hundred to thousands of reviews for a specific make/model/year for the more popular used cars. You will find the good, bag, and ugly of all of them. If a certain year has had transmission problems this is where that information will be displayed.

The reason many car shoppers are spending less time at the dealership is that they are able to acquire much needed information from the internet. Intricate details are able to be obtained through researching review sites such as, Consumer reports, and for the general overall history of a certain make, model, and year. Then services such as and can supply even more specific information about the history of individual used cars.

Once this information has been gathered there is really very little left to but review a few of the used car listing services and weed out the vehicles that do not meet the criteria for which you are looking for. It is due to these advances in the auto industry that the amount of visits to the dealership has dropped to an average of only 1.5 dealerships per purchase.


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