5 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wants You to Know

realtorHave you ever wondered if your real estate agent is keeping something from you? Real Estate Agents have to please you, the customer, so there are just some things that they can never say in order to keep clients happy. Here are five things your realtor wants you to know, but may be too afraid to tell you:

There’s a strange smell in your house.

Do you have a cat…or two…or three? You may be used to the smell of cats lingering in the air, but buyers who have never lived with animals may be very sensitive to it. When they walk into your home, the smell of animals may be a huge turnoff for them and you could lose a potential sale without ever showing a room in your house. Unfortunately, it’s hard for real estate agents to tell sellers that their house doesn’t smell good. This is an awkward subject for agents to talk about with their clients, so try to ask a friend or family member what they think of the smell of your house.

You need to clean up your house.

Similar to the bad smell situation, agents would never tell a client that they need to clean up their house before listing it. Agents may hint that staging is needed or maybe the furniture should be rearranged for photos, but to outright say that a client’s home is messy is seen as rude. It’s up to the seller to know when it’s time to toss out unwanted items and pick up after themselves.

Some things are out of their control.

Agents may tell you that they’re at the top of their game and can sell your home within the next thirty days, but the truth is, there are a lot of factors that are completely out of the agent’s control. The agent cannot determine how fast a home will sell, they can only guess based on the performance of other homes in the market. Agents can’t prevent deals from falling through based on the buyer losing interest or not being able to obtain financing. So, no matter what an agent tells you to get you to work with them, there are certain things that they cannot do anything about.

The commission is negotiable.

Buyers don’t have to pay commission, but sellers do. Although the industry standard is a 6% commission rate for agents, this is not set in stone. Many agents are willing to negotiate and lower their rates in order to win a listing from a sought after seller. But, this is not something that the agent will bring up on his or her own. After all, who wants to be the one to suggest giving up a paycheck? If you want to pay less in commission, the ball is in your court.

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