Why You Should Research Homes Before Buying

Researching a home
Researching a home

Have you ever been told by a real estate agent that you should take the time to research a home before submitting an offer? That’s sound advice that every buyer would be wise to follow. Why? Here are just a few of the reasons why researching a home before buying it pays off:


To find out if it’s a flip.

If you Google the address of the home, you may be able to find pictures of it from a few years ago. If the home looks vastly different in the pictures than it does today, then chances are it’s been flipped by a savvy real estate investor. This is important for buyers to know. Why? Once you find out that a home has been flipped, do one more walk through and look for signs that repairs were rushed, such as sloppy paint jobs or countertops that don’t quite fit. If home renovations were obviously rushed, then it’s best to walk away from this listing. Who knows what issues are hiding as a result of a rushed renovation?


Find out what’s nearby.

A quick Google search of the address will also pull up any recreational amenities, restaurants and entertainment that’s located nearby. Knowing what’s a short drive away from the home will help you determine whether it fits your lifestyle and is worth a second look. For example, if you need to be near a gym that you have a year long membership to, but the closest one is located over 20 miles away from the house, then this probably won’t fit your current lifestyle. During this search, you may be able to locate information about what’s planned for the area in the future. You may discover that there’s a giant shopping center planned or that old housing is being restored. This will increase the value of your home, too, so it’s important to find this out in the beginning.


HOA information.

Googling the home’s address could also pull back results about the homeowner’s association. If current or previous residents are complaining about the strict rules enforced by the association, this may be found on a discussion board or forum. The homeowner’s association may also have a website where you can take a closer look at the wording of the contract.


External concerns.

If you’re worried about external factors causing issues, Google the address to find out if there is anything you should be concerned about. By searching for the neighborhood or specific address, you could pull up news articles about high levels of pollution in that area or the loud noises coming from the highway or airport nearby. Searching for the address will also give you a snapshot of the crime that happens in the neighborhood so you can determine whether the area is safe enough for you and your family to live in.


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