How to Successfully Stage a Home

Are you preparing to sell property on the Tampa waterfront real estate market? If so, you should consider staging your home before listing it. Staging your home will help you increase the perceived value and attract more interested buyers if done correctly. Follow these tips for a successful home staging:

Keep furniture away from the walls.

Many homes on the Tampa waterfront real estate market feature furniture placed tightly against the walls. Why? There used to be a belief that spacing out furniture in this way would make rooms appear larger, however that is not the case. Instead, try “floating” furniture towards the center of the room in small groupings that make it easy for buyers to visualize having intimate conversations with friends and family. This instantly makes the room appear larger, not to mention more inviting for potential buyers.

Bring the outside inside.

Once you’ve listed your home on the Tampa waterfront real estate market, buyers will begin to schedule walk-throughs. Before they come, purchase fresh flowers and place them in chic vases throughout the home. Not only does this give the space a more elegant and high-end feel, but it also makes potential buyers feel welcome and at home.

Adjust the lighting.

The way that a home on the Tampa waterfront real estate market is lit has a huge impact on how buyers will perceive it. A general rule of thumb to follow is that for every 50 square feet, you should have 100 watts of light. Instead of only having one type of lighting per room, create a mixture between floor and table lamps, pendants, and accent lighting.

Be unique with wall art.

The point of wall art hanging in staged homes on the Tampa waterfront real estate market is to draw attention and create interest for potential buyers. However, if you choose to hang art in a way that doesn’t make it stand out, it serves no purpose! Switch things up with your hanging art by placing pieces at different eye levels throughout the home. Make a bold statement by leaving an entire wall bare in the dining or living room with the exception of your art pieces. Even though the artwork doesn’t come with the home, buyers will be drawn to the sophisticated and stylish look of this staging.

Accessorize in threes.

When putting the final touches on your staged home, remember the rule of threes: home décor should be placed in groups of three. That means if you are staging a home with beautiful vases, decorative bowls and coffee table books, choose three only for each setting. Don’t pile a stack of trendy coffee table books up on a table or crowd a small nightstand with too many accessories. Any more than three will look too cluttered and any less will look bare and unfinished.

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