Red Flags to Look for When Buying A Home

Red Flags to Look for When Buying A Home

Are you interested in buying New Tampa homes for sale? Purchasing a home is a big commitment and a huge financial investment, so how can you tell that you’re making the right decision? Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you don’t see any of these red flags on your dream home:

For Sale Signs.

When you drive through a New Tampa neighborhood that you are thinking of living in, do you see a lot of other New Tampa homes for sale? If a lot of residents are deciding to leave the neighborhood at the same time, this could be a red flag. Try to stop and talk to people in the neighborhood if anyone is outside working on their yard or walking their dog. Another option would be to drive through the streets surrounding the neighborhood and see how businesses in the area are doing. Are many buildings unoccupied or run down? You may want to steer your home search in another direction.

Fresh Paint…On One Wall.

Although many New Tampa homes for sale feature statement walls with a bold color that differs from the rest of the room, some homeowners could be using this design tactic to disguise a bigger problem. If you notice that only one wall of a room has fresh paint on it, take a closer look at the other walls and the ceiling. Do you notice any water damage or signs of mildew? Take a deep breath and see if you can smell anything musty that could signify mold in the home. If you can’t spot anything on your own, be sure to have an inspector thoroughly look it before closing.

Signs of Poor Maintenance.

Regardless of how well New Tampa homes for sale were constructed, if the previous owner did not take care of the property, it could have serious damage. When doing a walk through of the home, look for signs of poor maintenance. Are there plants growing in the gutter? Is the pool in need of an intense cleaning? Are air filters old and dirty? Although these won’t necessarily affect the value of the home since they are quick fixes, these are all signs that the owner was not invested in taking care of the home.

“Off Limits” Rooms.

When doing walk-throughs of New Tampa homes for sale, pay attention to any rooms with locked doors. If the owner does not want you to see every part of the home, there’s a reason for it. If you are really interested in the home, try to make another appointment to come back and see the areas that are blocked off. However, if the owner is reluctant to let you in to every area of the home, walk away from the deal.

Now that you know what red flags to look for when buying New Tampa homes for sale, contact our team of real estate experts at Coast 2 Coast Realty to get started on your search for your dream home!


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