How to Beat Other Buyers Going After Tampa Real Estate

Tampa Real Estate

In the last year, the Tampa real estate market has grown quite competitive. Although this is positive news for sellers hoping to sell their homes for high prices, it’s not so great for buyers. How can buyers beat out the competition to snag the home of their dreams? Strengthen your offer with these tips:

Include proof of funds.

Provide the seller’s agent with proof of funds before he or she has even asked for it. This will speed up the process, tell the agent that you’re highly motivated to buy and also show competence on your part. People want to do business with other people that are easy to work with, so make it simple for the Tampa real estate agents representing the seller.

Shorten contingencies.

In a seller’s market, it’s never a good time to ask for contingencies. Why would a seller choose your offer if it’s full of conditions when another isn’t? Although it’s wise to get rid of needless contract clauses, one that should always stay put is an inspection contingency. However, you can make this contingency more appealing to the seller by shortening the time period you have to complete the inspection. Sellers do not want their homes on the Tampa real estate market forever, so show them that you want to speed things up as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait.

Have your realtor check new listings on the Tampa real estate market and send any good finds daily. The second that you see a home that interests you, don’t waste time in scheduling a walk through. When a market is booming, listings can be posted and sold within just a few days. If you see a new listing that is posted on a Monday, don’t brush it off until the weekend. Make your move quick and get there before other buyers do.

Give the seller time.

Some sellers need an ample amount of time to move out of their home, so try being flexible with the closing date to impress them. Allow them to have the time that they need to move out their belongings and say goodbye to their home and you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Don’t get discouraged.

Even if another buyer’s offer is accepted over yours, don’t get discouraged. Many times, the buyer was making promises that he or she cannot keep and the offer will fall through. If the seller’s agent contacts you to let you know that they have accepted another offer, let him or her know to get in touch with you if it falls through. It never hurts to stay in touch with the seller’s agent throughout the process to check on the status of the home. By doing this, you’ll be the first buyer that the seller’s agent thinks of if the offer does fall through.

Ready to beat the competition on the Tampa real estate market? Contact our team of real estate experts at Coast 2 Coast Realty who have years of experience listing and selling homes in the Tampa area.


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